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Our Work

Hosting Volunteers

VHU hosts volunteers for its own projects and ad those working in other organizations. As a volunteer, you will experience traditional Ugandan life and participate in daily activities such as visiting elderly villagers, collecting water from a well, teaching young children in outside.....

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Orphans Sponsorship (Project "Abaana Ababiri")

Abaana ababiri- is a Luganda word meaning “two Children”- in this program we are giving sponsors an opportunity to sponsor two children a time with......

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VHU Environment-Conserve Program

Uganda has lost nearly a third of its forest in the last two decades and could lose most of its tree cover in about 40 years unless measures are quickly taken to reverse the situation, environmentalists have said.....

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VHU Games and Sports Youth Program

In its effort to launch projects that provide the youth with opportunities for experiential learning, VHU has initiated several games and sports initiatives to empower youth. Sport and recreation activities arevalued....

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VHU Health Care Program

Healthcare is neither easily accessible nor affordable for many Ugandans living in the rural villages. Volunteer Host Uganda strives to improve the health conditions of children and adults in rural communities through various programs...

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Holiday Tours

VHU Partners with Wanderlust Holiday Tours (U) Ltd in organizing tailor-made budget tours for backpackers, families, intrepid travellers and volunteers.Our team uses its passion and in depth knowledge of Uganda to create tours to make the most of your time here....

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program (WASH)

Volunteer Host Uganda’s water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) program aims to achieve one of the four targets of the seventh Millennium Development Goal (MDG)......

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VHU Rural Fund (Village Micro-Finance Project)

The idea of micro-finance is simple yet empowering. Micro-finance is the extension of small loans to entrepreneurs who are too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans. The loans are typically short-term..........

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How we can help

VHU is a CBO that hosts volunteers and orphans in Uganda.It was founded in 2000 by Vincent Sekirime and later Joined by Moses Ruraara. The organization offers opportunities to people who are willing to volunteer in its projects. It also partners with other organiztions in different sectors to host for them volunteers.